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VIDEO: Strange Black Hole Found, Vibration Like Gasing

ALIVE This year is a great year for space. In early April 2019, astronomers unveiled photos of black holes for the first time in history.

The black hole was found hidden in the Galaxy M87. Apparently, later astronomers have found 83 black holes at the end of the universe.

Do not stop there. The latest, a team of astronomers from Australia's International Radio Astronomy Research Center (ICRAR) has found a black hole that moves in a different way from other black holes.

The only black hole was found in V404 Cygni, a binary system in the constellation of the constellation Cygnus. In the middle of the system is a black hole that is working to absorb the nearest star.

The team of Australian astronomers examined the black hole by releasing a stream of light into space, CnetTuesday, April 30, 2019.

This activity is very normal. However, what is not normal is the direction of light.

The result is that the direction of the black hole rotates with a different vomit. The light stream seems to spin very quickly.

"This is an extraordinary black hole system I've known," said lead author James Miller-Jones.

He said it was different, that is, disc material that is not in harmony with the object of the black hole. Thus, this spatial object makes the interior vibrate like a top and changes the direction of vomit.

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