USA Beware of Chinese drones spy action


AKURAT.CO The US government has issued an alert for spying (espionage) from the production drones of Chinese companies. The notification was issued on Monday (20/5) by the US Agency for Security Infrastructure and Cyber ​​Security.

US entrepreneurs and other organizations that use it must be vigilant.

"The US government has strong concerns about all the technological products that bring American data to an authoritarian state that allows its intelligence services to have unlimited access to that data or misuse it," a BBC statement said on Tuesday. market. .

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"China imposes very strict obligations on its citizens to support national intelligence activities," he continued.

Meanwhile, the world's largest producer of drones, DJI has emphasized that it has taken steps to maintain the security of its customers' data.

"We give customers complete and complete control over how their data is collected, stored and sent," the company said.

DJI said it provides drones that do not transfer data to businesses or via the internet to customers who need additional guarantees.

"Our customers can afford all the preventive measures recommended by DHS (Homeland Security)," DJI said in a statement.

For information, DJI contributes more than 70% of the drones in the US market, according to research firm Skylogic. Previously, in August 2017, the US Army banned troops from using DJI drones because of unspecified cyber security issues.

In the same month, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement accused DJI of providing important infrastructure and law enforcement data to the Chinese government.

The latest warning comes days after President Donald Trump imposed an administrative ban on software and chip companies against Huawei for the same charges. This has led to speculation that DJI and other Chinese drone makers could face an official ban.


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