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UPDATE: 2,696 new Covid-19 cases in Indonesia, DKI Jakarta Largest page of all

JAKARTA, – The government updates information on the development of the daily Covid-19 cases on Sunday (11/01/2020).

Based on data shared by the Covid-19 Handling Task Force on Sunday afternoon, there were 2,696 new cases of patients with positive confirmation for Covid-19.

Cumulatively, there are 412,784 positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia to date.

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The number of additions was obtained from the results of examinations of 23,208 specimens in the last 24 hours.

Based on these data, new cases of patients with positive confirmation from Covid-19 are spread across 30 provinces.

In the meantime, four provinces were observed that did not register the addition of new cases, namely, Jambi, Central Kalimantan, North Maluku and Papua.

From these data, there were also five provinces with the largest increase in new cases.

The five provinces are DKI Jakarta (608 new cases), Central Java (458 new cases), East Java (253 new cases), West Java (245 new cases) and West Sumatra (225 new cases).

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Meanwhile, the general transmission from Covid-19 has so far occurred in 502 districts / cities in 34 provinces.

Then, the government also noted that there were 4,141 more patients who were declared cured. Therefore, the total number of patients recovered from Covid-19 was 341,942 people.

In addition, 74 additional patients died after the previous positive test for the corona virus.

Thus, the number of patients who died due to Covid-19 is now 13,943 people.

The following are data on the distribution of new Covid-19 cases in 30 provinces as of November 1, 2020:

1. DKI Jakarta: 608 new cases

2. Central Java: 458 new cases

3. East Java: 253 new cases

4. West Java: 245 new cases

5. West Sumatra: 225 new cases

6. East Kalimantan: 168 new cases

7. Southeast Sulawesi: 120 new cases

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8. North Sumatra: 91 new cases

9. Banten: 90 new cases

10. Bali: 57 new cases

11. South Sumatra: 54 new cases

12. West Papua: 40 new cases

13. Riau: 31 new cases

14. Lampung: 26 new cases

15. South Kalimantan: 25 new cases

16. South Sulawesi: 25 new cases

17. West Nusa Tenggara: 24 new cases

18. West Kalimantan: 22 new cases

19. Aceh: 21 new cases

20. North Sulawesi: 21 new cases

21. Central Sulawesi: 19 new cases

22. Riau Islands: 17 new cases

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23. DI Yogyakarta: 16 new cases

24. Maluku: 11 new cases

25. East Nusa Tenggara: 9 new cases

26. West Sulawesi: 7 new cases

27. Bangka Belitung: 4 new cases

28. North Kalimantan: 4 new cases

29. Gorontalo: 4 new cases

30. Bengkulu: 1 new case

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