Understand how to choose healthy dates to break fast


ALIVE – Dates, it is believed that the fruit that is invaded by people in the month of fasting is very good to consume when break fast. In addition to the sweet taste and soft texture in the fruit pulp, this fruit is also expected to have a million health benefits.

The high sugar content in dates, is very good for consumption when breaking the fast. Because, the sugar on those dates can increase the energy briefly.

"At the time of opening should be included that is rich in sugar.In the dates give sweet sugar that is healthy," said Dr. nutrition expert clinic Dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK (K) at the event Come Healthy Life on tvOne, Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

Even so, Samuel continued, not all dates have good sugar levels. He said that there are several characteristics of dates that have good sugar levels required for the body.

"Dates whose texture is dry, contains sucrose sugar that is good for the body. Because the sucrose sugar processing does not need insulin," he explained.

As for the types of dates that do not dry out, what ended up having sugar levels are not good for the body. Even though it seems more sweet and favors, eating dates of this type can actually trigger diabetes.

"Dates with a lightly dripping texture, high sugar levels in glucose. Sugar is a dangerous type of glucose because it makes the pancreas work hard to produce insulin to process sugar, thus doing diabetes," he said.

For this reason, Samuel suggested that the ingestion of dates should be only three in one day, that is, by breaking the fast and the sahur. Meanwhile, for large dates, only consuming a fruit is sufficient to meet the sugar intake of the body.


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