TKN's Value Scam makes the achievement of Dimok Jokowi – VIVA


ALIVE – Jokowi-Ma & # 39; ruf National Campaign Team spokesman Ace Hasan Syadzily responded to Jokowi's statement that he would fight the slander. He considered it necessary because it closed the objectivity of the success of the government's performance that Jokowi had inscribed.

"The narratives that mention Pak Jokowi with religious feelings based on the farce cover the objectivity of people objectively looking at the Jokowi government that is considered by the public to produce many kinds of achievements," Ace said at the DPR building in Jakarta, March 25, 2019.

He claimed, the community really knew Jokowi's success in leading the government. But because of negative feelings, the public was nervous about Jokowi's choice in the 2019 presidential election. Accusations and scams directed at Jokowi, for example, chose Jokowi who legalized adultery.

"Those who opposed were those who made black and defamatory campaigns, especially those that spread hoaks." In fact, in Banten, it was one of the most powerful areas that attacked Pak Jokowi.A few issues such as connection with the PKI, then anti-organizations Islamists against violence against the ulama and the question of the legalization of zina, "said Ace.

He considered that the claims against Jokowi mentioned above were totally false. The emergence of this issue is considered a negative narrative to attack the Jokowi government.

"Pak Jokowi 6 months ago talked about the antihoaks. But we saw a month ago that there were still women campaigning on frauds over the Jokowi government in Banyuwangi, they also said the same thing about the Jokowi government," Ace said.

He said the Hoaks prevention campaign did not bring the parties back to the misleading statement. In fact, the hoaks are strengthening before the election, which is used as an instrument to lower Mr. Jokowi.

"The masses who are among the many clergymen, scholars also feel that they justify the existence of such slander.counter"It needs to be clarified if this is not true," he said.

"As we know that some surveys are between 6-9%, people still believe that Pak Jokowi, for example, is involved in PKI, legalizing zina, legalizing LGBT. I think this is Pak Jokowi's claim that it is a slander and a farce, "he said.


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