Sunday , October 17 2021

Tips for you to snack do not become resistance

Moms, what's the mood of your Eid al-Fitr this year? Have you tried many dishes of Lebaran? In fact, several dishes that are on the table, as if to call you to try. Of course, if your appetite increases because of the tempting aroma of the tempted dish.

Not to mention the various types and flavors of cakes that exist. Wow, basically you can not stop snacking and try everything. As a result, this habit is very difficult for you to stop. And how is the strategy so that the snack is not a continuation? You can by choosing the type of snack that is healthy for consumption. So, your snacking pastime can continue and your weight can still be adjusted. How about that, Moms?

Well, choosing the right kind of healthy snack is not the only way to prevent snacking habits from hampering your weight. Reports from readersdigest.comHere are some strategies you can use to avoid excessive snacking, Moms.

1. Chewing gum

In addition to snacking, there are other alternatives to accompany your relaxed time without the need to feel worried about your weight gain, especially the chewing gum. However, you should remember, choose gum without sugar, Moms.

2. Save the Small

Buy snacks that are packed in small portions. Or if you want to save money by buying large packages, separate them into smaller containers and store them in the food cabinet.

3. Correct position

Put healthy food in front of the refrigerator or food cabinet and unhealthy snacks, like french fries, on the back. So, you are not tempted to take unhealthy snacks, Moms.

4. Stay clear of the workbench.

If you store snacks on your desk, you will unknowingly take them and eat too much.

5. Eat on the spot

You should only eat in the dining room at home. Eating in front of the TV can cause you to overeat because you will only focus on what you watch, not what you eat.

6. Certain Goals

Do not eat food just for fun or to relieve stress. Take snacks at certain times, with the goal of delaying hunger and avoiding overeating. (M & B / SW / Doc. Freepik)

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