Ticket prices fall, airport operators will give incentives to airlines


JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Minister of Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution said that airport operators, including PT Angkasa Pura I and II, agreed to reduce the price of airport services for airlines.

This policy was taken after the government decided to reduce the price of low-cost airfare low cost carrier (LCC) for domestic routes.

"To maintain the sustainability of the sector, all parties are committed to reducing costs and this together sharing the pain, so that it is not only one of the parties. Because a part can not, "said Darmin in his office, Jakarta, Thursday (06/20/2019).

Costs that can be alleviated by AP I and II for the airline include landing fee, parking fee, aviobridge rateand check-in fee at the desk. However, the discount can not be determined how much.

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The AP I and II parties are still awaiting the airline's decision regarding the price of the LCC's flight ticket price to be reduced.

"So let's wait for the airline, and on which routes they will make the process of decline, we will adjust it later," said PT AP I director Faik Fahmi at the same location.

Meanwhile, the director of AP II, Muhammad Awaluddin explained, in fact, the cost of the airport is not the highest component of the operating costs incurred by the airline. Even so, your party is ready to give the airline a discount so people can again enjoy affordable airfare.

"They are operational in size in lease, maintenance, spare parts, avtur. Airport operators 4 to 5 percent. We can be fast adjust "said Awaluddin.

Previously, the government decided to reduce the price of airline tickets for low-cost flights or low cost carrier (LCC) with domestic routes.

However, the decline is only valid at certain times. The magnitude of the decline in plane ticket prices was not hampered.

Next week, airlines will announce in detail the size and timeline of LCC flights that will be reduced.


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