This is the Yamaha MT-10 family up to MT-15, the MT-01 machine makes it gape


Yamaha MT-01 with V-Twin engine

Yamaha MT-01 with V-Twin engine

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-> – PT Yamaha's Yamaha Motor Mfg (YIMM) has several MT Series lines that are officially sold in Indonesia.

From MT-09, MT-07, MT-09, MT-25 and the smallest generation, the MT-15 was launched in early 2019 in Jakarta.

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As it turned out, the timing of the MT-15's launch also coincided with Yamaha Global's 20 years of introducing the first MT-01 Concept Model in 1999 at the Tokyo Motor Show (1999).

Well … This time the OTOMOTIFNET team will try to introduce all MT families, also known as Master of Torque, which is marketed worldwide.

Concept Model MT-01 (1999)

Carrying the concept of "Kodo" or Soul Beat, the development of the MT-01 concept model is very concerned with all the key elements needed to provide an unforgettable driving experience.

From the rhythm of the engine produced by the power of the explosion in the combustion chamber, a powerful rhythm created by changes in torque, sonorous vibrations arising from the intake and exhaust of the engine, to the heartbeat of the pilot who collaborate for the production of the "Kodo".

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MT-01 (2004)

In the 2004 event of INTERMOT, Munich, Germany, the MT-01 began to be mass-produced and was the embodiment of the MT series family.

Carrying the "V-Twin Sport Beat Soul" concept, the MT-01 was crammed with a 1.670cc V-twin engine with lightweight aluminum chassis and the success gave the "Mega-Torque" feel.


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