These are the 4 benefits of Main Game Battle Royale PUB


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JACARTA, – Playing games can be one of the leisure activities. Playing games can have a positive effect, but players are advised not to look too much on the screen because they fear interfering in eye health.

Some games that currently exist require players to quickly make decisions, think and concentrate to be able to win the game. These things can train players to think fast while training reflexes or responses.

Here are some of the benefits of playing royale battle games like PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds), taken from various sources.

Train the answer

In battle royalty, players can face situations of calm and danger. The transition from the calm situation suddenly becomes a danger, so it requires quick decision-making.

For example, when players are carrying the equipment in a calm condition, then by far the enemy shoots so that the player must move quickly to fight back or avoid the fight. This should be determined quickly.

Team collaboration

The genre of the game Battle Royale, like the PUBG, can be played together with friends. Players can help each other to survive on the battlefield. When entering the Battle Royale field, players are required to be altruistic, so they have their own duties and functions.

For example, of the four players who fought, who had the division of tasks that would drive the vehicle, who would heal fallen players or who would determine the location of the falls. This must certainly have solid collaboration.


In shooting-themed games or in shootouts, players should be able to concentrate to aim the bullet at the target. Included in the game battle royale, players must aim at the target with concentration so that the bullet does not fail.


One of the common benefits of games is to have fun so that players can relieve stress. In battle royale, you can bring together various types of excitement, such as building character strength by collecting weapons or equipment, firing with various firearms provided, driving vehicles, teams, different battlefields on a map, and so on. (*)


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