These 10 regions become the pilot project of the rice mill


Ciamis – BUMN Minister Rini Soemarno inaugurated on Wednesday (03/20/2019) the Integrated Rice Processing Center (SPBT) or rice mill in Neglasari Village, Pamarican district, Ciamis Regency, West Java. The integrated rice processing center is expected to increase the income of farmers who are members of a group of farmers (Gapoktan) in Ciamis.

Rini explained this entrepreneurial program to respond to the problems of farmers, where their income is always low even at harvest time.

"So the BUMNs do programs with the Village Minister trying to help farmers make better deals." Feel the high price of rice because the crop usually falls, but the price of rice does not fall, so the RMU (Rice Miling Unit ), "explained Rini. observations.

There are 10 pilot projects in West Java because many areas are rice granaries. The ten regions are Ciamis, Majalengka, Indramayu, Karawang, Purwakarta, Cianjur, Garut, Sumedang, Tasikmalaya and Ciamis.

"The goal is to try to show that we want to cooperate with farmers. With this form of the BUMDes Nusantara Partnership, we will partner with Gapoktan and BUMDes on Pamarican," he said.

This BUMDes Nusantara partner is owned by the BUMDes association, along with 14 meetings BUMDes and Gapoktan, along with 14 Gapoktan representing 6,200 farmers in Pamarican.

"Even though our property is as high as 51%, but it has been agreed that PT Mitra Bumdes Nusantara's profits are 80% of Farmer Gapoktan's shareholders and 20% to us," he said.

Rini reiterated, because the aim of the program was to encourage farmers to start trying. Encourage farmers to pre-plant until harvest until they are turned into rice and then sold.

"Encouraged by farmers if they need capital, also take KUR. If there is a problem, let us know. At the moment farmers who manage 2 hectares can still get subsidized fertilizers," he said.

Rini also requested information from Gapoktan about the program that is currently a pilot model. So that in the future the pilot project will be beneficial to all communities. The rice mill is used together and provides mutual benefits.

"If possible, success will be done in other areas, as other sub-districts chiefs of Ciamis say, also rice barns, if it is successful and increase the income of farmers, it is expected to continue printing projects like this," he concluded. (hns / hns)


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