The size of the shirt does not fit, 2 female astronauts failed to float in space


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-> – The plan by the US space agency to send two astronauts into space failed for trivial reasons: there was no armor for the two women.

In early March, NASA announced that Christina Koch and Anne McClain would participate in the spacewalk, which was scheduled for March 29.

The two women will leave the International Space Station (ISS) to install new batteries at stations floating in Earth's orbit.

Never before have two female astronauts come into action together. Once a female astronaut walked in space, but was accompanied by male astronauts. Most often spacewalks are performed by two male astronauts.

But in a press release Monday (03/25/2019), NASA announced that the plan was canceled because of the lack of astronaut clothing. It is known that there is only one astronaut costume that fits the second body of the astronaut and the decision that the shirt will be used by Koch.

McClain himself made a space walk last week and he became the 13th woman in history to have gone through the action. Koch plans to become the 14th woman to walk in space.

The first woman who floated freely in space was the Russian cosmonaut named Svetlana Savitskaya. He did this about 35 years ago.

Wearing an astronaut shirt is not easy. The reason is because when in space, due to the force of microgravity, the human body will become taller. McClain himself recently said that his height increased 5 centimeters in space.


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