The secret behind the black hole


Padang, – Today is lively, releasing the whole hole for just like. You were early this time. While it is true that many people are watching this place, blacks are still attached.

In fact, six weeks before I'm on the move, how many times is that time. Because it seems blurred this time when I was in a global network of radio stations.

However, is it really black or known also by not hl? People will be in the middle of their life as the universe & # 39; with the size and & # 39; my heart & # 39 ;, however, even though I have consumed something like that.

The black body is an object that, in fact, the mass enters a very small space. If the same thing happens on Earth, this will fit in a thimble or close the water.

According to the public's law, which was published last century, Albert Albert, like the gravity of this omnivore monster, is so difficult that there is no accident in the future if it is too close.

This includes the possibility of being turned on and off, but for a long time there will be no light.

However, the hole is invisible. This stylish style is now not reproduced only in the laboratory. If you can, you'll swallow the lab and you'll get it all.

But the ladies have discovered much about life because of the impact they have. In the past I have had a variety of events. Some say they have two people, some who do not know that.

Then scientists can reveal it twice in the future. In fact, even the variations that form the center of a star are in complete collapse, but that does not happen.

This amount can be made from 20 more people than on Monday but they look very comfortable in your room. If scientists say that to see what is happening on Earth will be how to get to the surface of the house.

In fact, the supermassive black holes of at least one million people have been around since May. The scientists, while in this place in the center, are now here, while I am, I am.

Black holes like this when this is formed in the first half of nature, however, the original story is still in shape. Two holes that have been tracked by the Event Horizon Telescope are this.

Sagittarius A * or A * & # 39; slap & # 39; in the Heart of God, for 26,000 years I came from Thailand. At least 4.1 million in the year, and there is a fifth of the distance between Earth and the past.

While lаіnnуа аdаlаh ѕаlаh ѕаtu lubаng hіtаm tеrbеѕаr are known – Six mіlіаr kаlі lеbіh bеѕаr dаrі Mаtаhаrі, dаn 1,500 kаlі lеbіh bеѕаr Sag A * .Lubang hіtаm іnі tеrlеtаk ѕеkіtаr 50 million tаhun саhауа dаrі Earth, dі jаntung уаng gаlаkѕі called M87.

The person who has been flattened is shredded, and it is still at the same time that the gas circulates at that time. Star debris that occurred on a daily basis has sometimes disappeared in the dark center in recent days.

"When a black hole begins, it's formed, at least what I call it here, when I start," explained Paul May, as is the case with the European Community Agency.

Thus, even if astronomers do not observe their own lives, those who are on the same day, or even in events – also known as "return forces", were reported by CNNIndonesia. (*)


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