The Luna Maya skirt at Coachella with her sister Faisal Nasimuddin is fantastic


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Luna Maya spends her vacation days with family and close friends. One of them is the younger brother of Faisal Nasimuddin, son of a Malaysian conglomerate who is supposedly close to him.

After breaking with Barack's kingdom that married Syahrini, Luna Maya was always in the limelight.

Although often a victim of ridicule by celebrities, Luna Maya seems to enjoy her solitude with a vacation.

After going to Austria with a large family, then to Japan with my niece, to Thailand attending a BTS concert, and now in America watching the Coachella music festival.

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Not only that, while attending concerts or music festivals like the Coachella, Luna Maya also appears in full with fashionable clothes.

As reported by Stylo.ID from the Instagram @lamamaya account, Luna Maya is seen watching the Coachella music festival in California, United States.

Not alone, Luna Maya appeared to attend this Coachella music festival with several friends, one of whom was a brother of Faisal Nasimuddin, Diana Nasimuddin.

Luna Maya looks sexy wearing a high skirt when she attends the Coachella festival.

Luna Maya is wearing a red velvet skirt with a hemisphere model.

Luna Maya seems to be wearing a sleeveless model vest.


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