The growth experienced by Indonesia is very extraordinary …


JAKARTA, – The region of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, is still seen as the strategic partner of Global Victoria, a trading body under the auspices of the State of Victoria, Australia.

Brett Stevens, Victoria State Commissioner for Southeast Asia, said he saw potential growth in Indonesia, both in terms of middle-class population growth, technological breakthroughs, innovation and business activities.

"The growth experienced by Indonesia since I was domiciled here in 2013 was extraordinary anyway," Brett Stevens said in Jakarta on Friday (06/21/2019).

Seeing this growth, Global Victoria has also designed various strategies to advance business in both countries, both in Indonesia and Australia, especially in the fields of information technology and education.

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Meanwhile, Victoria Global's strategy is to bring professionals in the field of ICT and recommend to investors in their countries who invest in Indonesia and vice versa.

"We are going to bring Victoria's various capabilities into the ICT industry in the world of education and professional services so as to increase Indonesia's success in the ICT field," Stevens said.

In addition, a study by Google and Temasek revealed that the digital economy in Indonesia would be worth $ 100 billion by 2025 and would make Indonesia the largest economy in Southeast Asia.

In addition, Stevens said, Indonesia's determination to be the best country for the information technology business has been seen in a number of national programs such as Go-Digital Vision 2020, e-Smart IKM and 100 City Smart Movement.

Stevens hopes that the collaboration between Indonesia and Australia, especially in the field of information technology, can also minimize the crisis of technological talent, which is reached by all countries, including Europe.

"I hope that cooperation between Indonesia and Australia can be a way to minimize the crisis of technological talent and make us find new unicorns and new digital companies," Stevens hoped.


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