Syahrini's Choro Due to the Collection, Incess and Ex-Luna Mayan of the Kingdom Barack Appeared Compact


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Shouts of Syahrini Pilgrimage because of the collection of Barack Kingdom, Incess and ex-Luna Maya appear compact

When the presidential election of 2019, Syahrini and Barack Kingdom were seen channeling their voting rights.

But before going to the polling station, Syahrini cried for being crushed by a collection of Barack, former lover of Luna Maya.

While loading through the Story feature of her Instagram page, Syahrini shared some short videos when she went to the polling station (TPS) with Luna Maya's ex-lover Barack.

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The woman who was born in Sukabumi, as always, seemed perfect at that moment.

With a white shirt and combined with a black jacket, Syahrini looks elegant.

But the video also knew that his leg was bruised.

When uploading through the Story feature of the Instagram page, Syahrini's legs were bandaged.

Apparently, before leaving for the voting center, her legs were crushed by her husband's collection office, Barack Kingdom.

"Puffy feet struck by a closet instead of perfume, the closet contains a collection of masculine scent," Syahrini wrote, as quoted by Grid.ID on Wednesday (04/17/2019)


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