Saturday , October 16 2021

Surya Paloh receives traditional honors in Ambon

Ambon, – National Democratic Party (Nasdem) President Surya Paloh has received the usual honorary title of Majelis Latupati Maluku. Surya Paloh is in Ambon City, Maluku, to win the Apple Standby and guidance for legislative candidates from 2019 (national candidates) in Maluku,

The usual honorary title was given to the activity in the Baileo Siwalima Building, Karang Panjang Ambon, Tuesday (11/06/2018), it is "Mua Jaiyo Emalopi Tulae Emakana, Tae Hooillo Nae Mua Lepunnyo Heiye Maluku", which means that one Courageous leader brings changes to the people of Maluku.

"This award is out of my knowledge and that is a task. For this title, it must be properly guarded, and I will do something that brings meaning to the people of Maluku," Surya told reporters after the awards ceremony.

He said, bestowing the usual Maluku honorary title, is an honor and bond of morality, as well as the duty and obligation to maintain the honor that was given.

At the same time, the secretary of the Maluku Majelis Latupati, Decky Tanasale, said that the title given to Surya Paloh was a customary title of honor rather than an adat title.

The usual honorary title given to Surya Paloh, according to Decky, because he saw the commitment to protect Indonesia. It even brought changes and progress toward that nation.

"We see that he is a nationalist figure who brought changes to that nation, and this can be seen in the mantra of the restoration of the Nasdem Party," he said.

In addition, Lanju Decky and Surya Paloh pledged to continue fighting for the National Fish Barn (LIN), for which the Maluku Regional Government continued to fight.

Reporter: Zairin Salampessy
Publisher: Rosyid

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