Sony confirms PS5 Presence, when is it released?


He dropped the prototype of the PlayStation 5 by circulating on Reddit. (Photo: Reddit)

In addition, the PS5 will use AMD chipsets based on third-generation Ryzen CPUs.

Depending on the TV used, you can have fun playing games on PS5 with 8K resolution.

In terms of graphics, Sony will use the Radeon Navi GPU line that has been customized to have the highest performance.

According to Cerny, using SSD (solid state drive) on the PS5 console is a must to deliver faster console performance than the previous series.

He pointed out, loading in the game will be faster than the time needed while playing on PS4 Pro.

"For example, when players play the new Spider-Man game, the loading time of 15 seconds will be reduced to 0.8 seconds," Cerny said.


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