Sega Genesis Mini Game Console For Just IDR 1 Million For Sale, In September Next Release


Sega Genesis Mini Game Console For Just IDR 1 Million For Sale, Next September Release. Check out the news

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The old video game console, Sega Genesis Mini, will be released in September 2019 at a price of $ 1 million.

Some time ago, Nintendo and Sony re-released their old consoles, this time it was Sega's turn to be selling their old consoles in the 90's, Genesis.

This console is called & # 39; Sega Genesis Mini & # 39; because it is smaller than the Genesis 1989 console.

The Sega Genesis Mini will be sold in September in the United States and Japan.

Quoted Tribunnews of KompasTekno, the price of this island hitch 80 US dollars or about Rp 1.1 million.

There are two versions of the Sega Genesis Mini that will be sold in the market, namely the North American version and the Japanese version.

For the US market, the name of the console is "Sega Genesis Mini", while for the Japanese market the console is called "Mini Mega Drive."

Sega Genesis Mini
Sega Genesis Mini (

The Sege Genesis Mini in the USA will be sold along with the packaging and a controller that has three buttons (A, B and C on the D-pad).

In Japan, this console is released by grouping a controller at a price of approximately 890,000 or two controllers at a price of $ 1.1 million.


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