See how to make Last Seen or fake online status on WhatsApp


TRIBUNWOW.COM – WhatsApp has the last resort since it lets others know when it was the last time the user was active.

If the last seen status is visible, there is no reason not to respond to the received message.

If the status of the last view appears while we do not respond to the message, people will think you're arrogant.

Prejudice can really be overcome by turning off the last seen feature.

But under certain conditions, we need to turn on the last seen status so others know that the WhatsApp number is still being used.

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Even so, there are other ways to cheat this.

The last visa still appears, but does not actually show the last status online.

The way to do the fake last seen does not need to root the phone.

Just follow the steps below to make the last fake visa as quoted from Jalan Tikus.

First, Install an application that has the function of making the last viewed GBWhatsApp false.


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