Search results, 46% of Internet users use the same password

[ad_1], JAKARTA – Research shows that 46% of Indonesians use the same password for all activities on various platforms on the internet and in social media.

Yudhi Kukuh, PT Prosperita – IT Security Consultant at Eset Indonesia, said it was the duty of all stakeholders to provide better education to the public to use different and stronger passwords in every Internet activity.

"Avoid storing passwords in the browser because the browser does not provide protection if someone else controls the physical device. password manager "It's highly recommended as a way to manage different passwords," Kukuh said in a written statement Friday.

In addition, people are reminded to be careful while accessing the Internet using public WiFi. There are several ways to ensure security, such as checking whether a site uses https, using a virtual private network (VPN), or not accessing sensitive information when connected to public Wi-Fi.

Kukuh also explained that Eset's research also shows that many netizens share voluntary information with foreigners. Especially for social media users. People often share a lot about their privacy. Details such as your location, vacation location or other personal data are shared, making them vulnerable to cybercriminals or worse.

"About 21% of those interviewed talk freely to strangers on social networks, opening up to the possibility of identity theft cases," he said.



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