Scientists find out where the nightmares come from, the results of their research


Illustration of uncontrollable emotions in dreams (Pixabay / Simon Wijers) – International scientists have just discovered a breakthrough in nightmare research.

Researchers believe that there are different patterns of brain activity when someone is having a nightmare.

This study investigates where parts of the brain work actively when nightmares occur.

They also try to express patterns of certain activities in the brain when we are angry or emotional in dreams.

If this research is correct, then we can discover the neural basis that produces emotional nightmares.

As is well known, nightmares are associated with mental and sleep disorders such as anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Nightmare illustration. (Pixabay / Pete Linforth)
Nightmare illustration. (Pixabay / Pete Linforth)

The study was conducted by several cross-country scientists from the University of Turku (Finland), University of Skövde (Sweden) and University of Cambridge (England).

His research was published in the journal Jeurosci on Tuesday (04/16/2019).

The researchers investigated the electroencephalographic records of 17 healthy people who slept for two nights in a special laboratory.

After the participants reach the REM phase (Fast eye movement), they will be waited for a while and awakened by the researchers.

As is well known, the REM stage is the stage at which dreams are clearly visible.

After being awakened, the researchers asked participants to describe their dreams and assess their emotions.

Researchers found that nightmares and explosive emotional rage were related to the activity of the brain pattern in the frontal cortex.

Nightmare illustration. (Pixabay / geir fløde)
Nightmare illustration. (Pixabay / geir fløde)

The activital alpha wave is most commonly found in this part of the brain.

Nerve signal called FAA (Frontal Alpha Asymmetry) has been associated with anger and self-regulation patterns as long as the participants agree.

& Quot;We found that individuals with larger FAAs (eg higher alpha force on the right side) during the REM phase and during the wake at night experience more anger and emotional nightmares in dreams"said the researcher quoted Futurism.

As this study reveals where nightmares are born, it is hoped that someday we can regulate the nerve signals so that they can become effective therapies for patients.


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