Schneider presents artificial intelligence-based electrical solutions for Indonesia


Schneider presents artificial intelligence-based electrical solutions for Indonesia
Martin Setiawan (left) and Xavier Denoly (right) show the latest series of Masterpact MTZ electrical panels using IoT technology – Millah, JAKARTA – Schneider Electric, a company dedicated to digital transformation in power management, automation and power protection, has introduced the latest innovation in electronic circuitry based on the Internet of Things (IoT), the Masterpact MTZ.

Indonesian President Schneider Electrics Xavier Denoly said the newest product is the next generation of high-power low-voltage circuit breakers (ACBs) certified to international standards.

He said that the electricity management system is an important factor in running a business. A small mistake can cause a variety of flaws and have a negative impact on many sides.

"Business people in various fields certainly need a good management of electricity to avoid bad things that can cause material and non-material losses," he said in Jakarta on Thursday (08/08/2018).

Denoly said that the latest IoT-based innovations have predictive and predictive analytics capabilities that actively report when there are interruptions in electrical circuits.

In addition, the adoption of IoT also causes all information to be viewed online and in real time on the monitor. This makes the company able to control more efficiently without having to perform a physical check.

Schneider Electric's vice president of construction and industrial channels, Martin Setiawan, said the innovation solution offered is targeted at industries that need electrical reliability at all times, such as the hospital and data center industries.

"Companies like this (hospitals and data centers) are very critical and depend on the reliability of electricity. Downtime and disruption will have a very bad impact," he said.

Martin continued, the losses generated by electricity outages to the hospital sector are not only in the form of financial losses but also morally related to public safety.

While for the data center industry, research conducted by the Asian Development Bank estimates that financial losses from power outages have hit $ 90,000 to $ 6.48 million per hour of inactivity.

Electrical disruptions in both industries will also have a negative impact on the company's reputation, damage to critical data, and the risk of damage to equipment and other valuable assets.

"So we provide related solutions with a combination of technologies that make it more reliable," he said.
Martin said that this solution was used by more than 10,000 users globally. He expects the Indonesian market to receive the latest solutions from Schneider.


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