Sandiaga Uno will once again become deputy governor of DKI? This is the answer from PKS

[ad_1], JACARTA – The Prosperous Justice Party responded to the speech Sandiaga Uno will return to the City Hall as deputy governor of the DKI.

Jakarta PKS said it was still convinced that No. 2 vice presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno had won the 2019 election.

Before moving on to challenge, Sandiaga's election in 2019 was the deputy governor of the DKI in Jakarta and then there was a "speech" that he would go there again if the couple did not become president-vice president.

"Prabowo-Sandi, God willing, has won," said PKS Jakarta president Agma Suhaimi when contacted in Jakarta on Saturday night (04/20/2019).

In fact, emphasized Suhaimi, he did not think of the worst possibility for the Prabowo-Sandi candidate 02. "We suspect the best scheme," he said.

Elsewhere, DKI Vice-Chairman Jakarta Gerindra DPD, Syarif, also said the same thing. Syarif said that Sandiaga Uno would not be deputy governor again, but would become vice president.

"It's not an elegant antics, but rather for Sandi as deputy governor, but he will stand next to City Hall in the vice president's office," Syarif said when contacted elsewhere.

The Vice President's Office is in fact alongside the DKI Jakarta Governor's Office in Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan.

Meanwhile, DKI deputy governor Jakarta's candidate, Ahmad Syaikhu, is convinced that the post of deputy governor of DKI in Jakarta will still belong to PKS.

"No, this is only a problem. I hope not because of this long-established commitment, that the seat of the DKI deputy governor is in fact assigned to the PKS, so it will not be immediately revoked," Syaikhu said. time.

The PKS and the Gerindra Party in the political agreement related to the seat of the deputy governor of DKI, which was left behind by Sandiaga, agreed to present Syaikhu and Agung Yulianto as candidates for the post of vice governor.


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