Tuesday , October 19 2021

Sadly, the spread of HIV / AIDS in Purwakarta is quite massive


INILAH, Purwakarta – The spread of the HIV / AIDS virus in Purwakarta Prefecture has proved quite massive. Even the number of people with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA) continues to increase each year.

Data from the local Health Office (Dinkes), there are currently 632 PLWHA that are accumulated from data from previous years.

"This year there was a rise again, from January to June, there were 58 cases, the total number of cases so far reaching 632," said Meisera Pramayanti, Head of the District Health and Disease Prevention Department of Purwakarta .

Meisera explained, 632 PLHIVs infected with this deadly virus were registered at the health center and at the health clinic. They are residents who routinely register with the clerk. Of the number of PLHAs, 65% are men.

According to him, some of the HIV / AIDS carriers that were registered were some who were willing to cooperate with the health department, especially in the field of HIV / AIDS counseling. In fact, they have become agents to invite their colleagues, at least willing to take a look.

"Including if there are friends who are sick with symptoms of infection, these agents are willing to bring it to our employees," he said.

For this reason, it appealed to the public, especially those who have risky habits, such as frequent sexual snacks, it is best to check up immediately so they can be known from the time they are infected with HIV / AIDS or not.

He added, the public awareness to go to the doctor for HIV-related tend to increase. One indicator is that more and more people are willing to do antiretroviral (ARV) testing. In addition, the negative stigma of the community is not as great as it used to be.

"Most of the patients are still in productive age, that is, in the range of 18 to 35 years," he concluded.. (Asep Mulyana)

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