Risih with Netizen comments on her husband, Laudya Cynthia Bella disables Instagram's comment column


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Laudya Cynthia Bella admitted that she had disabled the Instagram comment column because she was uncomfortable with the comments from the Internet users.

By uploading the latest vlog to your YouTube account, LCB ChannelBella said why she often returned to Jakarta.

As is well known, Bella now lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, since she married a businessman from Malaysia, Engku Emran.

"This is my ninth day in Jakarta and why am I in Jakarta because there are actually some jobs," said Bella, as reported by TribunWow YouTube channel LCB channel, Sunday (11/18/2018).

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Bella also said that she had disabled the upload comments column.

That's because the comments are distorted by netizens in your account in Instagram.

So I arrived yesterday no comments on Instagram because there are many people who ask, "How come Sis, how did Sis often go to Jakarta and leave her husband, why was the husband left behind by the people," said Bella?

But Engku Emran's wife apologized for having to turn off the comment column.

"I was here to answer your question yesterday, I arrived outSorry, "he said.

"But Alhamdullilah I have already thought of everything you say, God willing, I will accept." So now I do not out comment again, "he continued.



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