Researchers reveal the existence of methane on Mars, could it be for human life?


Planet Mars (Wikipedia / NASA) – For the first time, researchers dare to confirm the presence of methane on the planet Mars. The existence of this methane gas indicates the possibility of being able to put human life on the planet Mars.

In fact, methane gas was first discovered by the exploratory robot Curiosity in 2013. But at that time, researchers could not make a scientific statement.

But now a researcher named Marco Giuranna of the Institute for Space Astrophysics and Planetology in Rome, Italy, said in his report that the Curiosity robot detected a methane wave on June 15, 2013 with a methane content of 5.78 parts per billion. / ppb).

In addition, Giuranna also reinforced his argument using a Mars Express instrument that recorded an increase in methane content in the atmosphere, reaching 15.5 ppb, a day after the discovery of the first methane gas.

& Quot;Although previous observations, including Curiosity, have been debated, the first independent confirmation of this methane wave increases confidence in the detection of life,& Quot; Thus, excerpts from the report reported by SpaceThursday (4/4/2019).

Mars exploration illustration. (NASA)
Mars exploration illustration. (NASA)

With the report by Giuranna, conspiracy theories about the existence of life on Mars have become stronger.

Giuranna revealed, the presence of methane in a region indicates a place where living things can live.

Methane gas is not only produced from microbes but can also emerge from a process called serpentination, which involves the reaction of mixtures of olivine stones with kabon dioxide and water.

Methane gas on Earth is also produced from these two processes, so Guiranna believes that Mars can also be a habitat for humans.

According to the researcher, methane gas can be used as a source of carbon and energy.

In addition, humans can also use methane buried beneath the surface of Mars to produce rocket fuel so they can help them migrate.

Can humans use methane to live on Mars later? ( Tivan Rahmat)


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