Researchers discover species of marine worm with buttocks in the eye


Sea worms. (National Museum of Scotland) – Recently, researchers have discovered species of sea worms with eyes on the buttocks. This new species is found in the Scottish region and was named Ampharete Oculicirrata.

Reports from Living Science, the name Oculicirrata refers to a pair of black eyes on the target of this worm. The eye is another name Oculi.

The researchers discovered this worm during the collection of sea sand samples in the West Sea Shetland Self area in northern Scotland. A little information, the area of ​​the sea is famous for the biodiversity in the area.

Taking samples of sand from a depth of 120 meters below sea level, the researchers found more than 80 specimens of worms measuring 4 to 5 millimeters. If estimated, the size of the sea worm is equivalent to the size of a rubber.

Illustration of the sea. (pexels / Kellie Churchman)
Illustration of the sea. (pexels / Kellie Churchman)

This sea worm has the form of tentacles to suck the food that is near the mouth. This animal is part of the Polychaetes belonging to the class of segmented marine worm.

A pair of eyes on the bottom of the sea worm is not really new to this type of animal. Because, some other sea worms also have a pair of eyes all over the body.

A pair of eyes that exist in the body of the sea worm serves as a visual net that helps the marine worm detect the shadow of predatory fish approaching the worm.

Sea worms. (R Barnich)
Sea worms. (R Barnich)

In shape, the eyes of the sea worm on this stock are solid blacks, in the form of small beads.

Especially for a pair of Ampharete sea worm Oculicirrata eyes found on the buttocks are very rarely found in other sea worms.

Representatives of the Nature Conservation Committee, who are members of the UK conservation group, explained that the discovery of sea worms in the area of ​​Scotland is proof of Shetland Self's western diversity in northern Scotland.


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