Thursday , October 21 2021

Relationships Crack, Neymar Want to leave PSG?


Paris "Neymar's relationship with Paris Saint-Germain is no longer harmonious. The Brazilian star claimed to want to leave PSG.

Although he was hired only by Barcelona, ​​breaking the transfer record in 2017, Neymar speculated several times to leave the PSG. This summer, the news of Neymar's departure from Paris is blowing again.

Catalan media, Sport, claiming that Neymar was no longer in harmony with PSG. The called player could have left the Parc des Princes this summer.

Neymar is called angrily with PSG, who never had success in the European competition. Not only that, Neymar is also more often the "target" of players on the pitch than when he was still grazing in Spain.

To defend Neymar, PSG tried to renew its contract with a greater value. But Neymar's motivation today is not money.

Sport added that Neymar wanted a prestigious title. The situation made Neymar called to return to Barcelona.

Barcelona itself reportedly wanted to return Neymar to the Nou Camp several times, although the effort was very complicated. Later, Barcelona was ready to offer Philippe Coutinho as part of the transfer of Neymar.

Neymar himself is still under contract with PSG until 2022.

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