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Regularly Drinking Green Tea, This Female Hepatitis Experience, How So?

Illustration of green tea. (Pixabay / congerdesign) – A 16-year-old Yemeni girl reportedly suffered from hepatitis after consuming 3 cups of Chinese green tea every day for 3 months. This is reported in the journal BMJ Case Reports.

At first, the girl told doctors she did not take certain medications that could cause inflammation in the liver. Even when examined, the girl showed no signs of liver damage due to viral infections or metabolic disorders.

Until finally the unidentified girl claimed that she ordered Chinese green tea online and consumed it in the last three months. After stopping the consumption of green tea, the state of health of the girl continued to improve in Foxnews.

Eating green tea alone has not been proven to cause health problems. But in general, unscrupulous growers of green tea add other substances that cause liver damage in some cases.

Illustration of green tea. (pixabay / rawpixel)
Illustration of green tea. (pixabay / rawpixel)

Green tea blends that are often unprocessed also make it potentially dangerous. Studies show that people can tolerate 1.6 grams of green tea. In addition, green tea can be potentially dangerous.

So far, medical professionals have reported more than 50 cases of acute hepatitis in which green tea is probably the cause. Even so, this does not mean that green tea connoisseurs always suffer from hepatitis.

The lesson that can be drawn from the case experienced by this girl is to be careful when consuming products that do not have security guarantee, especially not having marketing licenses. Precisely herbal medicines, such as drinking green tea or herbs, can have side effects of hepatitis when not performed based on scientific tests. ( Nodia)

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