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ALIVE – There are still many people who do not know about penis dysmorphic disorder (PDD) or small penis syndrome. People with this syndrome do not really have a small penis. They just feel uncomfortable with the size of the penis.

DID is a type of body dysmorphic disorder (DCD), which is a disorder that disrupts one's body vision. The BDD can trigger someone's discomfort about their appearance.

People with TID will feel embarrassed and awkward about the size of their penis. They may mistakenly believe that they have a small penis when their size is actually normal. Reports from Medical News TodayTuesday, March 26, 2019, recognize some of the symptoms of those suffering from this PDD syndrome.

One tends to compare penis size with other people, including those in the media. People believe that a six-inch penis is a long penis. This, then, causes PDD sufferers to feel insecure.

Another symptom of PDD sufferers is that they believe that their penis has a small size that is not fair, when in fact it is not. They also have misperceptions about the size of the penis and feel shy about the size of the penis.

In addition, another sign that can be recognized is that they will have difficulty having sex because they feel uncomfortable with penis size, to reduce sexual function including erection and orgasm.


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