PSI Report campaign funds of 84.6 billion rupees


JAKARTA, – The Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) presents a Report on Expenditure and Expenses of the Campaign Fund (LPPDK).

According to PSI General Treasurer Suci Mayang Sari, from February 20 to April 25, 2019, the total amount of campaign funds received by his party was R $ 84.6 billion.

"Where is the receipt, from political parties, from our internal costs, then from individual donations, then there are donations from business funds, as well as from the candidates' own funds," Suci told the newspaper. to deliver LPPDK to the KAP appointed by the General Election Commission (KPU), located at the Borobudur Hotel in central Jakarta on Wednesday (1/5/2019).

Meanwhile, the total spent campaign funds reached Rp 84,657,935,438.

There are remaining campaign funds of Rp 2,342,357 which are still stored in the account.

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"We will ask the KPU later, if the funds can return to the party or if we should return them to the country, we will ask the KPU," Suci said.

Campaign funds are used by candidates to conduct campaigns in the field.

Suci said, campaign fund expenditures for each legislative candidate had a different value. The range is from millions to hundreds of millions.

However, he said, there were no candidates who spent up to Rp 1 billion.

"I hope all these days can be accepted by KPU, the checklist is complete, and we are just waiting for the auditing of the public audit firm. We are also ready if KAP asks about data and file data that we insert today," he said. Suci.

In addition to the treasurer, present at the LPPDK presentation, a number of PSI cadres. They put the LPPDK file in 29 boxes.


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