Proof of Luna Maya in Syahrini and Barack, Courageous kingdom, step in this place


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Luna Maya proves to Syahrini and Barack Kingdom that they became newlyweds that they moved from ex.

Kala Syahrini, who spread her phone conversations with Barack Barack, Luna Maya dared to enter her former lover's hometown.

Yes, now it is known that Luna Maya is enjoying her vacation in the country of sakura, Japan. Homeland of Barack Kingdom, who is now the husband of Syahrini.

Do you still remember the video Luna Maya with Barack Kingdom in Japan wearing a kimono that later appeared as a picture of Syhrini and the ex?

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Not only alone, Luna Maya vacationed in Japan with her niece, Suri.

The timing of Luna Maya's vacation in Japan is proof that she got up from her former lover, Barack Kingdom.

Luna dared to step on the land of Sakura, who kept many memories with Barack Kingdom.

A proof that Luna Maya has changed is through videos that she has posted to her Instagram account.

In the video, Luna Maya is currently at the Digital Lab TeamLab Planets Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

Virtual Vacation Vacations with Lovers
virtual moon vacation with lover (Instagram)

One of the uploads of Luna Maya to your holiday is elegant in front of beautiful white lights.


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