Pro-Jokowi musicians support Prabowo campaign: this is the beauty of democracy


Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto has convened his campaign at the Bung Karno Main Stadium in Jakarta, the largest political rally in Republic history. In the name of the beauty of democracy, supporting musicians Joko Widodo (Jokowi) support the Prabowo campaign.

"Against the people in Gelora Bung Karno, we are support only That is, that is the beauty of a democratic party. It's free, "said Muhammad Kadri, coordinator of the Biduan Community, in the village of Kemang, Jl Pangeran Antasari, south of Jakarta, Sunday (07/04/2019).

Kadri is the coordinator of today's evening concert, entitled "White Concert Is Us". A total of 50 musicians appeared at this event and expressed their support for Jokowi. Despite supporting Jokowi, Kadri was inconsistent with Jokowi's rivals who were campaigning at Bung Karno Stadium this morning.

"Support (Support). It's positive, "said Kadri, known as one of the band's vocalists. rock Progressive this Makara.

According to him, Jokowi's campaign was different. Candidates for their support are more likely to sell programs that have been and will be implemented.

Earlier, Prabowo opened a speech in his GBK campaign, calling his campaign the largest demonstration in the history of the Republic of Indonesia. The number of mass campaigns in the Senayan area he called a million people.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the secretary general of the Indonesian coalition, Adil Makmur, told me that they are people with political experience. They say this is the biggest political manifestation in Indonesian history," Prabowo said on the scene of the internal campaign. Bung Karno Main Stadium previously.

Check out also the atmosphere of our white concert:

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