Prevent Diabetes by Doing The Following Tips, Reduce Foods That You Often Consume


SRIPOKU.COM – Everyone should be afraid if they have diabetes.

It is not uncommon for fears that are not really balanced with consciousness to start living a healthy life.

There are some tips that can be done to prevent diabetes, it all starts with a healthy lifestyle.

What kind of healthy lifestyle? Regulate the foods consumed, which are healthy foods, along with water consumption and sports activities.

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Illustration of drinking water
Illustration of drinking water (Jogja Tribune)

"Sometimes I do not eat fried foods that are devouring the oil, but rather sweet foods, it's the same thing," said Dr. Grace Joselini at the event about the importance of sport in the center of Jakarta. Thursday (08/11).

Also, try to consume foods with balanced nutrition and fresh foods.

"A balanced meal menu, not fast food. Consume foods that are always fresh, which means that it is food that if we do not eat in 3 hours is not good," added Dr. Grace Joselini.

So start regulating time to eat, consume lots of vegetables and fruits and do not consume too much fried food.

Fried Food (Tribune Jogja)

Also, should be balanced with exercise, strive for a lot of movement.

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"If we want our metabolism to be better, it should be with movement, it should be with exercise.

Like physical exercise. Because, in fact, the problem was to eat a lot, but to sit down first, it was lack of movement. It will not be balanced, "said Dr. Grace Joselini.

According to Dr. Grace about the portion of the food is ok because the most important thing is the selection of food and food processing.

"I do not agree, I agree more that eating can still be like the usual portion, it's just that the choice of food and cooked standard should be treated," he concludes. Dr. Grace Joselini. (*)

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Easy tips that can be done to prevent diabetes


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