Prabowo-Sandiaga Faction: When is the Jokowi Economic Team ready to compete with the Program?


JAKARTA, – The team of economics experts at the National Adherence Council (BPN), in partnership with Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno, Dradjad Wibowo, said that his party had begun delivering a number of programs to candidate number 02 vice presidential candidate to the public .

Some of the key sectors include increased food production, agriculture and commodity price stabilization.

Dradjad said his party was ready to compete with the program and ideas with the economic team of the pair Joko Widodo-Ma & r; Auf Auf.

"So I waited, when the economic team Pak Jokowi was ready to discuss the program with me and with the Prabowo-Sandi economic team," Dradjad said. Kompas.comOn Monday (11/19/2018).

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According to Dradjad, President Jokowi's weakness is currently in his economic team.

This can be seen from the absence of a number of promises from Jokowi's campaign, such as achieving agricultural self-sufficiency and rising food prices.

"One of Pak Jokowi's weak points is that his economic team is ugly. His economic staff failed to deliver on his promise," said the vice president of the National Mandate Party's (PAN) Honorary Council.

Dradjad did not agree with the assumption that the Prabowo-Sandiaga camp had never produced alternative programs and ideas during the campaign period.

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He pointed to programs to increase food production, agriculture and stabilization. So the idea of ​​delaying infrastructure projects was considered non-urgent.

Funds for infrastructure development that were not urgent, Dr. Dradjad said, could be allocated to increase agricultural infrastructure in the field.

"The goal is to support the increase in agricultural and food production, from irrigation, roads to processing and storage," Dradjad said.

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In addition, Dradjad also highlighted Bulog's governance reform from the asset side, so as not to be a source of corruption.

He considered the need for community participation in oversight issues.

"Actually, some ideas have been raised, but maybe the socialization needs to be improved," he said.


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