PP Santri Persis Al-Manar Purwakarta trained in how to prevent tuberculosis


PURWAKARTA – In order to build a sense of care for others, especially in the health sector, the Health Ministry directorate of the Ministry of Health promoted the Germes and TB socialization, at the Islamic School of Islamic Persianism (PP Persis) Al-Manar, Purnawarman Barat, Sindangkasih Village, Purwakarta, Monday (11/19/2018)

The Sosisalisasi was attended by the Directorate for the Promotion of Central Health, the President of Pompes, Persis Al-Manar, head of the Purwakarta City Health Center, and was attended by all students of the Islamic boarding school in Persis Al- Manar, Aliyah level.

The coordinator of the Health Promotion Center, Dwi Adi Maryandi, said that in the success of the Healthy Life Movement (Germas) program, methods to prevent, control and motivate tuberculosis are important.

"This is our partnership program between the central ministry's health promotion board and the Islamic Internment Schools of Islamic Unity (PP Persis) in our efforts to form Chain Agents for TB prevention. development of knowledge and insights to become a sigab santri is also an educational medium in Islamic boarding schools, "he said.

He explained, why we are targeting santri or students because santri is an easy way to shape the nation's generation that is qualified for exceptions in the community both in school and in other environments.

"We hope this socialization can train Sigab students to become change agents for themselves, friends and people, to remind those around them to live healthy lives," Dwi said.

On the other hand, this socialization is to encourage and motivate people with tuberculosis to seek treatment until they return to health. Because tuberculosis can heal completely. "We have created santri sigab who are not afraid of overcoming those who suffer from tuberculosis. And for there to be no stigma, we encourage and motivate people with tuberculosis," he said.

At the time, he tried to train the santri to make sure they knew how to prevent tuberculosis, because tuberculosis was more than a sanitation factor.

"Wiping, masking or clapping hands to cover the mouth and nose can also be done by washing hands with soap, which is a way to prevent the transmission of tuberculosis, so the germs of tuberculosis will disappear," he said.

Germas will create a generation of quality people and become agents of chien for themselves, friends and others.


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