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Police passed by confession of Hercules Cobra on former Fauka Rose Team Noor Farid


Police pocketed several names that came out of the mouths of suspected rebels on May 22. The retired Colonel Fauka Noor Farid will be summoned for confirmation regarding the confession of one of the suspects.

This was transmitted by the Chief of Police of the Indonesian Public Affairs Province, M Iqbal, at a press conference in Kemenkopolhukam on Tuesday (11/11/2019). Iqbal responded to questions from reporters about the figure of Fauka, a former member of Mawar's team who was mentioned in the news Weather Magazine.

"In fact, Brother F was named by one of the suspects with the initials MN or many who call him Cobra Hercules" , said Iqbal.

Iqbal said that Fauka would be asked to confirm the confession of the Hercules Cobra. But what Cobra recognized, Iqbal did not describe it.

"Whether or not the information is stated in the BAP, we will definitely call Brother F for questioning, the process continues, the principle of presumption of innocence is really our priority," Iqbal said.

The name Fauka Noor Farid appeared previously in the complaint of former team commander Rose Brigadier General retired to the Press Council. In your complaint against Weather MagazineChairawan asked the magazine to apologize to him and Fauka Noor Farid.

Police investigate Rose Team involvement on May 22

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