Tuesday , July 27 2021

Police call over Sand Toning Trucks causing accidents in Tasikmalaya

TASIKMALAYA, KOMPAS.com – Visible Next, the Tasikmalaya City Police Station, citing heavy vehicles that have the potential to cause accidents, is an overloaded truck with tonnage of sand on the Tasikmalaya-Bandung route via Gentong.

The truck carries sand from the many excavations C in the sub-districts of Mangkubumi and Bungursari in the city of Tasikmalaya to be sent to major cities.

"I appeal to road users to be careful when crossing the Gentong lane, where many heavy vehicles are loaded with excess tonnage of sand. Do not be too tight because it is prone to accidents," explained the head of the Regional Police Tasikmalaya AKP Andrianto, Sunday (01/20/2019)

Andrianto added, the Gentong track has three points more prone to accidents, namely, rises of Strawberry, Puspa and Upper Gentong. Trucks with excessive tonnage are usually clogged in some of these classes.

"Trucks with excess tonnage are dominated by trucks loaded with sand, so if there are heavy vehicles, other road users are expected to be more cautious," he added.

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Police, Andrianto continued, would be more often to carry out the operation of overloaded trucks. In addition, the death of a family when the accident on the hillside was caused by an overloaded sand truck unable to climb on Friday (18/01/2019) yesterday.

"In the future, we will more often carry out truck operations of excess tonnage to reduce the vulnerability to accidents in the Gentong line," he said.

The Gentong line is Tasikmalaya's main access point to major cities. This line has steep and winding slopes and winding up to the Nagrek Climbing area.

Heavy vehicles cross this line every day and often cause other small vehicles to join in the long line as they follow a heavy truck on the road.

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Earlier reported, a family of four people were killed in a Toyota Agya car that was picked up in a trunk pickup truck in Tanjakan Gentong, Tasikmalaya, around 10:30 am WIB Friday (1/18/2019).

The log truck loaded with sand collided with the other two cars behind him, because behind it was not strong enough to climb the slope. Four passengers of Agya Toyota were killed instantly on the spot.

"Tronton hit three cars behind him until Agya's car was arrested and the passengers inside were killed," said Jajang (25), when questioned at the scene.

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