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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Speech of candidate number 02 Prabowo Subianto during the inauguration of the Prabowo-Sandi Victor Corps Office in Boyolali Regency, Central Java, Tuesday (10/30/2018), has a long tail.

The video recording of the speech was viral because in one part, Prabowo mentioned the words "the look of Boyolali".

In your speech. Prabowo said that Jakarta was filled with stately buildings and luxury hotels.

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He mentioned several star hotels in the capital. However, he was sure that the residents of Boyolali had never stepped into the luxury hotel.

"But I'm sure you've never been to these hotels, right?" Prabowo asked.

"Okay," replied those who were present at the event.

"If you come in, maybe you've been kicked out, because you do not look like a rich person, it looks like you do, that Boyolali look, right?" Prabowo said again.

Demo and reported to the police

As a result of this statement, a man born in Boyolali, named Dakun, reported Prabowo to the Metro Jaya Regional Police.

He said that Prabowo's comments had offended the residents of Boyolali.

"I was originally from Boyolali. We were offended by Prabowo's words, that the Boyolali community, whether they entered the mall or entered the hotel, was expelled because it looked like Boyolali," Dakun said.

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Meanwhile, in Boyolali, thousands of residents packed the Mahesa Boyolali Convention Center on Sunday (04/11/2018).

They protested against Prabowo's claim that it was deemed to have degraded the citizens of Boyolali.

Residents took measures on trains on the road on motorbikes carrying banners #SaveTopangBoyolali.

In fact, residents also paraded a giant red and white flag measuring 50 x 10 meters around the road to show that the citizens of Boyolali were Indonesian citizens.

Politicized judge

Throughout the commotion, the politicians supporting Prabowo-Sandiaga manifested themselves.

Secretary General of the National Mandate Party, Eddy Soeparno, considered Prabowo's speech to have been politicized.

Eddy feared that all Prabowo's words would always be answered politically.

"I'm worried that everything that is said is prone to politicization.Khuznudzon, biased, both for every word and spoken speech, "said Eddy.

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In fact, Prabowo did not intend to discriminate against the residents of Boyolali. Nor did Prabowo intend to ridicule or demolish them.

However, the claim was controversial because there were parties that politicized.

"We often hear the term do not do it and others. I do not think that means we are humiliating for someone or a party or particular group. Absolutely nothing, "said Eddy.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for presidential candidate and candidate for vice president Prabowo Subianto, Faldo Maldini, hoped that the term "Boyolali Look" did not have a distorted meaning.

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"I hope that this issue leads to substance, why rural welfare is not raised? Do not wring to provoke hatred. Whoever wins, citizens should be the most profitable," Faldo said.

Prabowo was confused

Prabowo also confessed the controversy that arose over his statement.

According to him, his jokes are often answered.

While attending the statement of the support of the award-winning commander Ulama Prabowo Sandiaga (Kopassandi) on Sunday (11/04/2018) at Soemantri Brodjonegoro Field, Kuningan, south of Jakarta, playing Prabowo had to be careful in front of the crowd because many cameras recorded.

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He also told about his statements in question.

"I just went through the regencies in Central Java and East Java, maybe you're a monitor, I'm confused too, if I play it, it's questionable," Prabowo said.

He did not mention what a joke he wanted to say. It is related to the controversy "Look at Boyolali" that is full at the moment.

However, he understood that such a crowd was common in political years.

"I know, but this is politics. This is a political era," Prabowo said.

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