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Pemko Medan Form Commission on HIV / AIDS Prevention in 21 sub-districts

MEDAN, – To anticipate the outbreak of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV / AIDS) in the city of Medan, Pemko Medan through the Regional Social Education Agency (Sospen) of the City of Medan has formed a working group (Pokja) to the HIV / AIDS Commission in each sub-district City of Medan.

The purpose of the establishment of the Working Group is to provide knowledge and invite the public to care about the environment as an effort to prevent and reduce the rate of increase in HIV / AIDS. Because the Medan City Health Department (Dinkes) noted that from January 2006 to December 2018 there were 6078 people suffering from the disease.

"Generally, this condition results from drug use through needles and a deviant lifestyle such as free sex," said Medan Mayor Dzulmi Eldin represented by the Regional Office of the Head of Social Education in Medan, Khoiruddin at the opening of the Group Revitalization of the District HIV / AIDS Commission. which took place at the Antares Hotel, Jalan Sisingamangaraja Medan, Tuesday (25/6).

In addition, Khoiruddin said that there were 256 participants from working group members in 21 sub-districts across the city of Medan following Revitalization of the Sub-district HIV / AIDS Commission Working Group. Through these activities, he continued, each working group could show its role in overcoming the HIV / AIDS problem in their respective sub-districts.

"All of us must realize that this activity is very important, especially our participation to the younger generation who later did much and fell into deviant behavior." HIV / AIDS is not a trivial matter and we realize that this is a big problem with which we have to deal with.We will increase the synergy to do the best, "said Khoiruddin.

In addition, Khoiruddin reiterated that with the establishment of the District Commission for HIV / AIDS Prevention in the city of Medan, it could provide more guidance to the community. And, of course, more intensive coordination and strong cooperation is needed between the Medan City HIV / AIDS Prevention Commission and the sub-district HIV / AIDS working groups.

"I hope that we can all work together to convey information about the dangers of AIDS to the public." In addition, the levels of kelurahan and sub-district are the spearhead of government organizations. launches that are capable of providing education on HIV / AIDS prevention and prevention, "he said.

"Later, we will be able to empower people to jointly protect the younger generation of the city of Medan to avoid HIV AIDS," he hoped. (wool / mrz / data1)

Publisher: Agus Utama

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