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SEOUL, – LG has filed a patent for a smartphone that displays the basic outline of the device. Patents registered with the World Intellectual Property Office) and live on Friday.

LG's latest patent shows that the device is equipped with three rear and front cameras. In the diagram, the device appears to have three cameras in the notch cluster above the cell.

The function of each camera is not explicitly explained in the patent. But, it is believed that the camera has a standard, ultra-wide lens, and the third is probably a ToF sensor.

Launch GSM Arena, Sunday (04/21/2019) saw smartphone design on the diagram, it looks like the device could be the successor to the LG V50 that was released a few months ago at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019. The rear looks very similar to the LG V50 with a triple camera placed horizontally.

On the left side, it displays the same separate volume button, and there is also a special Google Assistant key. While on the right side you will see a power button and a long microSD card tray. Even the top of empty devices like LG G8 and V40.

In addition to the selfie camera, a big difference is that there is no headset. The disappearance of the headset indicates that LG will no longer offer features on future devices.

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