OJK has not yet learned about injecting 500 billion rupees into the Yudha Bhakti Bank


Jakarta – Announced an injection of IDR 500 billion in funds for PT Bank Yudha Bhakti Tbk (BBYB). The plan is for funds to be channeled into new loans.

The executive director of OJK Banking Supervision, Heru Kristiyana, said corporate action was not reported on his side.

"This is not yet reported. If this is the case, you will definitely talk to OJK, with the banks, with the capital market. But this has not yet been said, so I can not speak yet. I'll tell you later, if it's already there, "he said, he was received in the SCBD area, Jakarta, Tuesday (4/2/2019).

Earlier, Yudha Bhakti Bank Chief Executive Denny Novisar Mahmuradi said that such an injection could facilitate the public. Because, then, product offerings can be accessed online through the facilities owned by Akulaku.

"It not only prevents the injection of 500 billion pounds into the body of BYB, but also increases cooperation in various digital banking services and other forms of financial technology that will increasingly spoil customers and potential customers," he said. last month.

In addition, he explained that this investment would also expand the lending sector not only for individuals, but also for the agricultural sector as well as for SMEs.

In this way, the hope is that Yudha Bhakti Bank can reach more clients so that the ranking of banks can reach BOOK II.

"Get it partner in the field of technology, so I hope I can improve to become a bank BUKU II, so far we are still BOOK I, "he closed.

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OJK has not yet learned about injecting 500 billion rupees into the Yudha Bhakti Bank

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