Ojek online prices rise, services become 'Plus-Plus': Okezone Economy


JAKARTA – The Minister of Transport has issued a regulation on new tariffs or fees for online motorcycle taxi services (Ojol). This regulation entered into force in 5 cities, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Makassar, which represented 3 zones.

As information, the tariff is divided into 3 zones, namely: zone 1 for the region of Sumatra, Java (without Jabodetabek) and Bali. For zone 2 is Jabodetabek. While for zone 3 are Kalimantan, Sulawesi, NTT, Maluku and others.

GOJEK Indonesia Chief of Public Policy and Government Relations Dyan Shinto Nugroho said that Gojek also welcomed the implementation of MP 12/2019 and KP 348/2019.

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