Officially released by Apple, these hidden features in iOS 13 are rarely known


TRIBUNNEWSBOGOR.COM – Earlier this month of June, Apple officially launched iOS 13.

This operating system brings a host of new features to users.

The most anticipated feature in this latest iOS is the Dark Mode, also known as Dark Mode.

This mode can save device battery and is eye friendly because this mode changes the dominant color to black.

In addition, there are also a number of other new features ranging from profile photos in iMessage to updated photo and video editing tools.

But it turns out that, in addition to the new features announced in iOS 13, there are also other new features hidden in this operating system and rarely known.

The following are 9 hidden features in iOS 13, which are summarized by KompasTekno of Mashable, Thursday (06/20/2019).

1. Discrete volume control

Many people are bothered by pressing the volume button on the previous iOS.

The reason is that when the button is pressed, the graphic volume indicator blocks the display of the image because it is large enough.


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