NYIA airport starts checking today


YOGYAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) verification process begins on Thursday (4/4/2019). The verification that lasts three days includes the air and land side.

"We plan from the Ministry of Transport from April 4 to April 6, or today the verification will take place," said NYIA Development Project spokesman Agus Pandu Purnama when he met on Thursday (4 / 4/2019).

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Agus Pandu said, this verification was carried out by the Airports Directorate, the Aviation Safety Directorate and the Navigation Directorate.

This verification, he continued, to ensure that all devices at the New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) are ready to be operational for international flight activities.

The check covers the side of the air, among others run waymarkers, aprons, taxiwayand other equipment. Then, the side of the earth, will check all the safety equipment, flight safety equipment for the service.

"We also checked the terminal with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 12,920 square meters, its capacity and so on," he said.

From the results of the verification, the three boards will provide records for PT Angkasa Pura I. Later, PT Angkasa Pura will have time to complete the records.

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"It's usually given 10 days or 2 weeks. When there are fewer records, the resolver is also getting faster," he said.

Agus Pandu said that his party planned on April 15, 2019 to invite all airlines. Later all airlines safety assessment.


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