Now Gift, Apple Credit Card Service


Francisco – In collaboration with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard, Apple is official
introduced the Apple card, a credit card for Apple Pay customers.

present this credit card service at no cost. Users also
reduced interest rates and Cash Journal, in particular the cashback in each transaction.

Arena GSM launches,
To get this credit card, users can sign up for the app
Wallet on iPhone. After that, a digital card can be delivered directly
used anywhere you support Apple Pay.

Through the application,
users can track each purchase made, check balances also
Due date of billing and others.

This service
provided machine learning and
Apple Maps to clearly label transactions. Application will be
sort your purchases into categories, such as purchases and

In addition, Apple
The card will also provide a summary of weekly and monthly transactions, Facebook
Help users easily track their expenses.

Security issues,
each transaction will be equipped with Touch ID or Face ID and will use
security code for authentication.

Apple always
prioritizing privacy, for this they emphasized the non-collection of data
any user transaction. In addition, users receive a physical card
made of titanium.

Technology giant
this will also have a 24-hour support team that can get users
contact me if there are any obstacles through iMessage. The Apple Card will be available in the off season
hot this year or around July 2019 later. (


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