Now dragged by the scandal of the chat group, circulating bad videos Jong Hyun CN blue deals with the fans

CN Jong's name, Lee Jong Hyun, is also in the vortex of the group chat scandal involving Jung Joon Young, Seungri and Choi Jong Hoon. He had revealed a photo of the Jong Hyun chat test in a chat group that talked about women and sex videos.

But the name of Lee Jong Hyun has not been on the list of police investigations so far. He is currently in military service as an active soldier. When Choi Jong Hoon decided to leave the FT group. Island and leaving the agency, unlike Jong Hyun.

Jong Hyun is currently listed as a member of the band CN Blue and is an artist of FNC Entertainment. When his name was dragged into the group chat scandal, the old video about the way Jong Hyun treated the fans was packed with netizens.

Seen from several videos in circulation, Jong Hyun ignored his fans. From the first video, Jung Yong Hwa cs held a fan meeting with him in Busan. The other members smiled sweetly and waved to greet the incoming fans.

But Jong Hyun just put his hand on the table and did not greet the fans. In another video, fans gathered outside the building to meet with members. When Yong Hwa was involved in greetings and receiving gifts from fans, Jonghyun, who was dressed in black, was seen walking briskly toward the building and did not look at the fans.

The last video shows Jong Hyun, who just nodded to fans and ran backstage after the show ended. Jong Hyun's attitude also picks up bad reviews and is considered arrogant.

"He's the only one who seems insincere"Netter said.Why did he debut like a celebrity like that?"continued the netter.Jung Yong Hwa really rendered fan service. His treatment of fans warms me,"added the netter.

"I know now why Jung Yong Hwa is so popular,"Netter said.What is it? Why does not the agency continue like this?"Yelled netter."It is different from other members"said another.


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