Nicholas Saputra adopts the promise to transfer Selfie after Nyoblos


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Actor Nicholas Saputra keep your promise. Some time ago, he had promised to upload a selfie into an Instagram account.

The promise was given by Nicholas in a video that also featured Mira Lesmana, actress Dian Sastrowardoyo, Lukman Sardi, Susan Bachtiar, Ben Joshua, screenwriter Raya Makarim and musicians Baim Wong, Sherina Munaf and Widi Mulia.

Crowded, celebrities made a video inviting Indonesian citizens to make the best use of their voting rights, Wednesday (17/4).

By noon, the realm of Instagram was shocked by the appearance of Nicholas's face in his personal account on the Instagram, an unprecedented thing. This was also commented on by one of Nicholas's followers as a wonder of the world.

"The eighth wonder of the world, when Nicholas Saputra selfie," wrote the account @ anisfiya20.

"The post you've been waiting for," I honestly told the account @echintari.

"Finally share a photo of selfie," said the @rikasrirahm's account, writing in capital letters.

Nicholas himself wrote a peace message on the upload, where he appeared wearing a white shirt and raised his right finger.

Nicholas Saputra adopts the promise to transfer Selfie after NyoblosNicholas showed his little finger with the first selfie loaded into his Instagram account. (Instagram / @ nicholassaputra)

"Well … Thanks to friends who participated in the 2019 election. Be in peace and have a happy celebration of democracy!" he said in the information column.

Not forgetting, Nicholas also confirmed that this upload would be deleted in 24 hours, something that received much rejection from his fans in the comments column.

"Do not exclude," said the account @arvlr with capital letters and crying emoji.

"No, my dear," he wrote, which included heart-eye emoji.

Meanwhile, the account @rachelfzahra chose diplomatically writing: "Deleted in 24 hours, but in my heart was not erased."



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