New Suzuki Carry can be changed to anything, here is the list


ALIVE – Suzuki officially opened the cover of New Carry at the exhibition of the International Motor Show of Indonesia in 2019. Its shape is different from the previous generation and also carries a new engine.

Indonesia became the first country to launch the latest Carry. According to PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales' director of marketing, Donny Saputra, Carry has a long history in the country after Japan.

"The history of the pickup truck in the world, Japan and Indonesia Japan was the first present in the 60s and 70s First in Manado, the euphoria of the marigold dealers The history of the pickup Suzuki in Indonesia, that is why world premiere here, "he said in Jakarta, Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

The new generation of Suzuki pickups has a more sophisticated look with the latest grille design and lamp. The dimensions are also wider and longer. Automatic, cabin space and tub become more spacious.

Just like the old version, this car can also be modified as needed. Interested consumers can order a new shipment with special changes, such as ambulances, boxes, city transportation, shop wagons and mobile libraries.

For special modifying units, Suzuki is not just for orders fleet, but also individual consumers. Consumers need only go to official resellers and place an order.

For angkot, the price starts at R $ 159.5 million. While the ambulance model can be redeemed with funds of Rp375 million.


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