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New divorce, Muzdalifah Near Brondong?, JAKARTA – Long time no more heard, Muzdalifah widow sword Nassar KDI appeared with the figure of his new lover, Fadel. At first glance, there is nothing special about the relationship between these two singles. However, if you look more, it seems that both are so far apart.

Muzdalifah and Fadel are known to be 15 years old. Fadel is only 25 years old, while Muzdalifah is 40 years old. When asked about their relationship with shame, the mother of five said she was in a serious relationship.

"Yes, once again, we've known for a long time, but only a few months ago. Do not ask if that happens, because it just flows," Muzdalifah said. OK September 12, 2018.

When mentioned about the age and status of Muzdalifah, Fadel explained if he did not question. Even with negative shouts directed at him, he already feels ready. "Ah, it seems to be different for only five years," said Fadel, "if you think about the status issue, it's also endless.

Asked about the seriousness of his love, regarding the relationship that reached the level of marriage, Fadel admitted that he was serious. In fact, the two plan to introduce themselves to their families. "Asked in the future, we are serious about having a relationship, but the way is still quite long. Efforts should be there, God willing, if there is a way there," Fadel said.

If Fadel is so determined about the seriousness of his love, Muzdalifah is one who has many considerations about his love life.

"I have never failed, the mother who has many children too, so there will be a thought about what should be done. Good and bad, but if there is a good way about our relationship, go ahead.

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